Good Item to Have

With a portable tire inflator, you can do much more than just inflate the tires. You can use it to inflate your toys, balls and bikes. This is why every home should have a portable inflator. Recently, I gave my tire inflator to a friend of mine who needed to use it. I have decided to let her keep it. I will buy a new one for myself.


When I go looking for a portable tire inflator, I look for one that I can use on the vehicle. Other uses are bonuses for me. I do long distance drives every now, due to the nature of my job. Thus, I never know when I will need to use such an important tool. Having been in this job for more than a decade now, I have had a few breakdowns on the side of the road. I felt quite helpless and insecure. The truth is that if you take your vehicle for service as required, most likely you might never experience a breakdown on the roadside, especially if you do not drive long distance. However, you experience a good feeling and confidence, just knowing you are armed against a flat tire eventuality.


While having a portable tire inflator is a good thing, choosing one is another matter altogether. There are so many products in the market. They all claim to be the best. In that case, you will find it hard to choose a good one. Some of them are low-quality inflators masquerading as top products. That is why you should read portable tire inflator reviews before buying. In my family, we have made a point of reading reviews before ordering anything online.


Considering the price of the tire inflators, there is something for everyone under any sort of budget. Some costs low, even below $20, while some are extravagantly priced. You cannot base your purchase on the price alone since that can be a bit misleading. What you want to look for is a tire inflator that will give you the best value for your money. It is better to consider the features more than the price. That way, you do not sacrifice quality on the altar of money.


After some research, I have found a couple of tire inflators that I can use at home and on the road.


Here are my reviews for two that I think are a good investment:


Lifeline AAA  – 300 psi

Lifeline AAA  - 300 psi

Roadside convenience tools do not come any better than the AAA Lifeline, which is made for the constant traveler. Whether you are looking for an inflator that you can use at home or on the road, this is one of the very best of them.


If you do not perform a lot of maintenance on your car, this inflator is going to suit you just fine. It occupies a small space in the trunk such that you will not notice it’s presence. It is compactly designed, and it is easy to operate. Whether this is your first, second, or tenth inflator to use, you will love the simplistic way in which it works.


It is very effective. It will inflate your car tires just fine. Just plug it in the 12V outlet in your car. You have to leave your car running so that you do not drain the battery. The hose is long enough to reach all of your tires.



Simple to use – a short learning curve

It is sold in its transport box

Nice blue color

Very affordable, less than $20

Rated highly at 300 psi

Long power cord and air hose



Takes 8 minutes to inflate a tire to 35 psi – could be better

It’s loud

Too much vibration


00073 Viair  70P Portable Compressor

00073 Viair  70P

This is one of the most popular portable tire inflators in the market. Some people say this one is sturdier than even the Lifeline AAA that we have reviewed above. If you do your own car maintenance regularly, you can buy this inflator as it will serve you for a long time. Plug it into the 12V outlet in your car and switch it on, and start using it. When you get to use it, you will agree that it is the best 12 volt air compressor to use.



Fairly silent when it is in operation

So easy to use

Good for regular use

Overheat protection – will switch off when it becomes too hot

Inflates tires fast – in less than five minutes for a flat tire

Warranty of 12 months



A bit costlier

Plastic plug may not be very appealing