Great Poets of All Time

Everybody can write poetry, however, not everyone can pride him or herself to have written poems that are remembered for years. There are Great Poets of All Time, these are poets who wrote great pieces which are never forgotten for years. If you were asked to name the greatest poet you know, who would you name? is it Emily Dickinson, Maya Angelou or yourself? there are many poets but only a few can be remembered. Here is a couple of the Greatest Poets of All Time.


Emily Dickinson


Emily Dickinson is an American poet, she was born in late 1830 in a place called Massachusetts. Most of her life, Dickinson was isolated from people around which finally inspired her to write poems. Many people considered her as an eccentric. Her poems are so unique. They are short, no title, unconventional punctuation. Also, she used slant rhyme while writing her lines. She wrote more about death, one of her most famous poems was “Because I could not stop for Death”.


William Wordsworth


William Wordsworth who had different ways to clean suede shoes, was an English poet. He concentrated more on the Romantic Movement. He is more remembered in several poems but his best is The Prelude”. It is a semi autobiographical poem that he wrote as he was beginning his career. The poems also go by the name “the poem to Coleridge”. His lines are remembered to date and have a great impact.


Maya Angelou


Maya Angelou is a recent female poet who was born on 8th April 1928 in a place known as Missouri. She was a half cast of an African and American whose worked touched so many hearts. She won several awards on her lines. In 1933, Maya recited her piece On the Pulse of Morning”, no Bill Clinton inauguration and she became super famous. Moreover, Maya was an activist for the civil rights as well as a memoirist.


Sylvia Plath


Sylvia Plath is among the most famous American poets. Her poems are confessional. She was born in October 1932 and her life path wasn’t easy. Most part of her life she was fighting depression which is so evident in her lines. She had two main poetry volumes, Ariel and The Colossus plus so many other. Furthermore, she was married to a fellow poet known as Ted Hughes but ended up committing suicide.


Lord Byron


Lord Byron is among the best in the Romantic Movement. He is also known as the George Gordon Byron. He was born in January 1788 in London. So many people perceive him to be the best British poets. This was because he reverses stereotypes which were considered as the norm when he was writing his lines. He had a scandalous personal life and never changed his appeal. His best poem is ‘She Walks in Beauty”.


Alfred Lord Tennyson


Alfred Lord Tennyson was born on August in 1809 in placer known as Lincolnshire, he is among the most famous British poets. During Queen Victoria’s reign, Alfred was Poet Laureate of Great Britain and Ireland. His best piece is “Tears, Idle Tears plus so many others.